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Sidney O'Billovich

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Goalkeeper for Mountainside High School, FC Portland ECNL; New Mexico State University Commit

Has the fact that professional women soccer players get paid less than men impact the way you play? Or impacted you in general?

The pay gap between women’s and men’s soccer is beyond offensive. But this has allowed not only me but the female athletes to prove everyone wrong. Every time I step on the field whether it’s practice or a game, I know I have a purpose. It has impacted me to play with more strength, power, grit, and most importantly, passion.

Do you see gender inequality in youth sports? Have you experienced it?

When I was younger things were a lot different. It was okay to be the only girl on a guys team or play Inter-mural sports. But now, I’m not sure I can say the same. I believe the US women’s national team did a great job using their platforms for the younger generation to see that women deserve more than what is provided. Young athletes will be more educated because of how much the USWNT has influenced them.

What advice would you give to a young athlete dealing with gender inequality?

I would tell a young athlete that they need to fight for what they believe in. Speaking their truth in something they are passionate about is beyond important. Just go out there and prove them wrong:)

What is your biggest hope for the future of women sports?

In the future, I hope women’s sports gets more recognition. Equal pay is a huge part of that. We need to change the way people see women. Show them how powerful we are!!!

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